A Mother’s Calling: Madeline Ang

Being a stay at home Mum (SAHM) was not something Madeline Ang had enjoyed initially, but she reflects on how God was making her heart tender to His calling for her life.

Over the last 18 years, Madeline has gone from working with words as a copywriter in an agency to working with children at home. She now dedicates her time to being a stay at home mother and juggles her time homeschooling one of her two daughters, serving in her church and her Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class.

Growing up as the eldest child and also as the only daughter in the family, Madeline has developed a hardworking spirit and cultivated a strong work ethic. To her, it doesn’t matter if the work she does is a piece of copywriting job or a mere household chore. What matters to her is doing, and finishing, it well.

“I might sound like a purist, but one of my favourite verses is Colossians 3:23. I see any work that is given to me as a job that requires me to do it well…So work to me is very sacred,” she says.


Madeline sees motherhood as God’s calling for her life. After sensing God’s persistent prompting through much prayers, Madeline gave up the pleasure and satisfaction of pursuing a career which she enjoyed and was very good. She decided to yield to God’s calling for her to be a SAHM.

However, the journey was not always sweet. In the beginning, being a SAHM was not something Madeline had enjoyed doing. At one point in time, she felt like she was imprisoned at home. She readily admits that she had considered going back to work as a form of escapism when she struggled with taking care of her lastborn.

“I didn’t start enjoying motherhood for the first ten years of my life. I didn’t enjoy it but I did it because I knew God wanted me to do it. I did it as I wanted to be obedient,” she confesses.


Unlike her peers who are accomplished professionals in their fields of work, Madeline belongs to a rare breed of mothers who gave up their careers for their families. During class reunions, talks about their performance, investments and cars dominated the conversation, and they sometimes made her feel out of sync. The discomfort, thankfully, did not last long as Madeline has trained herself not to get affected by the difference in how one defines achievement. When asked about finding her significance with being a SAHM, Madeline says this: “The significance is knowing that whatever I’m doing is whatever He wants me to do, rather than pursuing my own goals for myself.”

The turning point came when Madeline started to learn to surrender to God and let Him take control of her life. “I realised that He is teaching me that surrendering doesn’t mean that I am winning His favour. Though, in my eyes, I’m doing exactly what He wants me to do. But surrendering means acknowledging that it’s His prerogative to give me what He wants to give me. Surrendering means I don’t simply demand from Him.

“You can do the right things with no feelings. But God doesn’t want me to do it just as an act of service. He wants me to do it because I love Him.

When I’m doing what I’m doing because I love Him, I actually get to love what I’m doing. And when I love what I’m doing, I love Him even more! Because I’m made to realise that He knows what is best for me and He knows what I love,” she says.


Madeline is very thankful that God had given her the privilege to build her life on her children and devote her time to them. After 18 years of sowing the seeds, Madeline is able to see the fruits of her investment. As she is witnessing the harvest of her two daughters and looks back, Madeline is convicted and assured that she has done what God had wanted her to do.

Sometimes she contemplates what life would be like had she continued staying on in her job, but she looks back with no regrets that she stayed on the path God had chosen for her life.

“The enjoyment [of motherhood] is the knowledge that, as I’m journeying, God is journeying with me. And, in my difficulties, He is there. There’s this security in Him. That’s when I started to enjoy motherhood. I can truly see the beauty of waiting, the beauty of trusting in Him…. It’s a way of God sanctifying me when He wants me to be a Mum. Not just a Mum but a SAHM.”


By Madeline Ang

I remember many times
When I was a little girl,
I said I’d be the coolest mom
in the whole wide world.

I wished that my children
Could grow up together,
To feel my motherly
Care and love forever.

I would carry my babies
In my bosom gently
And teach each child
With love, patiently.

I would show them that
They are truly special
And open their eyes
To the world’s marvels.

I would wipe their tears
When they are hurt
And sing them lullabies
And rhymes from a book.

I would treasure them
As a precious gift
And always be there to
Uphold, nurse and lift.

Today I thank God
For allowing me to be
A mom who tries her best
For her precious family.

I may have failed to be
Gentle in many a ways
When fatigue dawns even
At the start of the day.

I may have said words;
Impatient and unkind,
And not be that role model
To bless their minds.

Yet I’m sure the Lord
Peers into my heart –
I’ve done my best and
My love honed the art.

How grateful I am to
My God and Abba Father!
He bestowed upon me
The joy of being a mother.

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  1. Well said. What you have shared will encourage many SAHMs n it is so very very true. May our Lord continue to strengthen n bless you n your wonderful family.

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