Faith Alive is an online magazine that contains stories of Christians and their perspectives on work/vocation – how they have connected their faith to their work and what does it mean to be a Christian at work.

The aim of writing these stories is to shed light on how the gospel transforms the way we work, as well as encourage and inspire many young people to have the biblical perspective about work. When work is done and seen right, work is a means of grace and worship unto God.

For more information, you can contact us at faithalivemag [at] gmail.com.

About the Author


Clara works as a marketing & communications professional for a not-for-profit organisation. The idea for a blog/website started when she noticed her peers getting disillusioned about work. Work to them was either a curse or a saviour. She hopes to be able to encourage others to have the right perspective of work. When work is done right, it is worship unto God.

For more information, you can follow her onĀ twitter.